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Paw  Badgerpaw  Paw
Apprentice of ShadowClan Affiliations
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Current: ShadowClan
Past: None
Residence: Unknown
Names Family
Mother: Fernshade[3]
Living: Code of the Clans Dead: None

Badgerpaw is a tiny, fluffy, black and white tom.[4]

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In the Field Guide ArcEdit

Code of the ClansEdit

Badgerpaw is a three moon old kit, forced to train as an apprentice by Brokenstar. When the fight in which ShadowClan drives out WindClan breaks out, Badgerpaw fights against the enemy Clan. He is fatally injured, and dies in front of his mentor, Flintfang. Before he dies, Badgerpaw tells Flintfang that he hopes that Brokenstar and his mother, Fernshade were proud of him. He then asks Flintfng if he was was proud of him as well, and Flintfang comments that he fought bravely. Badgerpaw then asks, obviously getting weaker with every word, if StarClan would make him a warrior and Flintfang tells him that he was sure they would. Badgerpaw ponders on what his name would be. Badgerpaw then tells Flintfang that he would like to be called Badgerfang, because Flintfang was such a great mentor. Badgerpaw sighs softly and passes away.
Afterward, his mentor, Flintfang, vows to never train an under-age apprentice again.
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Family & RelativesEdit

Mother: Fernshade[5]

Additional InformationEdit

Killed by a WindClan cat in the fight which ShadowClan drives out WindClan.[citation needed]

Three moons old [at death].[citation needed]


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