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Name = ThunderClan
Founder = Thunder
Current Leader = Bramblestar
Current Deputy = Squirrelflight
Current Medicine Cat = Jayfeather

ThunderClan is a group (referred as a "Clan" by the cats) of feral cats that live in the part of the forest were most of the territory consists of deciduous woodland. However, as of Dawn, after the Great Journey, ThunderClan moved into the lake along with the other Clans, and gained a territory similar to the one they had in the forest. The name comes from ThunderClan's founding leader; Thunder, who was thought to have given his Clan's a name like his.

Habitat: the forest (past), the Lake (current)
Special Skills: Hunting and fighting in dense undergrowth, climbing in the trees when fighting and pouncing on their unexpected opponents, stalking then pouncing on prey when hunting, and the ThunderClan Lightning Strike battle move
Other Info: List of all ThunderClan cats


ThunderClan often view themselves as mainly a peaceful Clan, respectful towards others, and as the ones who follow what's right and the Warrior Code, unlike the other Clans. However, from the other Clans' perspectives, most view ThunderClan as arrogant, soft at times due to ThunderClan taking in many outsiders, and often getting into other Clans' businesses often. In battle, ThunderClan is fierce and courageous towards their opponents, but usually fair. Just like other Clans having special attributes when it comes to hunting and fighting, ThunderClan cats are noted to be especially strong. The Clan's main prey are mice, voles, squirrels, and sometimes the occasional rabbit, and birds such as starlings, wood pigeons, blackbirds, and thrushes. ThunderClan cats usually excel when it comes to fighting and hunting in dense undergrowth, as well as stalking techniques when hunting, and even recently; climbing in trees in battle then pouncing on their foes from up above.


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